Will The Real Cheryl H. Gore Please Stand Up?

Sooooo, you’ve been wondering what I’ve been up to? Well, read further and I’ll tell ya. I’ve been a busy, busy bee! And, this isn’t even EVERYTHING that I’m working on, but it’s a huge portion of it. Just thinking about everything makes me extremely proud. I will pat my own self on the back (certainly not bragging) because I am truly self-taught. No college degree. No formal training. I graduated from The University of Blood, Sweat And Tears! I majored in Willpower and Determination. I minored in Changing The World. It’s hard to explain it, but I’m grateful for my struggles. I now understand what the phrase “What doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger” means. After my (prenuptial) divorce, I taught myself how to self-publish books. And yes, I even have my own (albeit small) publishing company! I have actually published over a dozen books and journals. I have taught myself how to build websites from scratch. I have taught myself graphic design, logo design, photography, book cover (front, back & spine) design, coding, podcasting, how to register businesses with the IRS and SOS (Secretary of State), how to create a clothing brand, how to open up business banking accounts and a host of other useful trades. Oh, and with my SUPER busy life, I’m also a YouTuber!

Honestly, the list of things that I’ve accomplished (since my prenuptial divorce) is far too long to mention.

How It All Started

As you may (or, may not) know, I went through what I would consider to be a devastating divorce. It was so devastating that I contemplated ending it ALL. I wrote in my autobiography (it’s in re-print as some key details have been added) documenting my “downfall” in society and how God picked me back up and brushed off my shoulders. God has shown me what my purpose is in life. It’s certainly not the direction that I thought I’d be headed in, but I feel blessed that God has chosen my path and direction.

Please keep in mind that my autobiography IS NOT intended for persons under the age of 18. Why is this? Well, simply put, the majority of it was written before God showed me a new path. I had spoken to a few people about my past and almost all said that I have a story to tell. Not knowing that I’d have my own publishing company, I essentially taught myself how to format chapters and I wrote the majority of my autobiography. The language and facts are a true representation of what I experienced. Therefore, no language (nor situations) were changed in 3 of the chapters.


Since my divorce, I’m proud of all the companies that I’ve started, but this one is near and dear to my heart because I poured out my entire existence (extreme raw emotions – good and bad) into writing my heartfelt autobiography. Also, it’s getting RAVE reviews from all across the world! It’s currently (May 2024) only sold on my website. At the end of July 2024, it will be available in Barnes & Nobles, Amazon and several other major retailers.

Autobiography Cover

SN: I had recently started a new clothing business and I was corresponding (via email) with a local small business owner. I reached out to her because her shop (or boutique) carried “different and unusual” clothing. The patterns that I came up with were definitely different and unusual. She loved the different prints, but she needed to validate the quality – which is understandable. I hand delivered the products (and many, many samples) that she had requested. Having hit rock bottom, and having very little money, this was a monumental sacrifice for me! I had to seriously rearrange my finances. I didn’t have a brick and mortar store as my business was online only. If a customer ordered an item, the print company that I used would literally print ONE item and ship it out. Therefore, there were no major upfront costs from me. So, for me to order several items (from MY own pockets) was major.

Upon this individual seeing me in person, she gave me the strangest look and stated that she didn’t realize that I was black. She also stated that she had to consult with her business partner about moving forward with our business venture. She didn’t bother with looking at any of the samples that I had with me. Not a single one! Needless to say that I was absolutely devastated – and that’s putting it mildly! I went and sat in my car and took a selfie. My intent was to capture my shock, hurt and disbelief. That picture is now the cover of my autobiography. At the time, I had no idea as to why I felt a strong need to take a selfie of me feeling hopeless and defeated. A few years (and tears) later, it made perfect sense. It is my validation that when one door closes, there will be several more that will open! Never give up.

Later on (and after my hopes and dreams were dashed), this particular individual contacted me (via the company website that was listed inside the book) about a newly released self-published adult coloring book of mine. She had heard that it was being sold locally and that it was being well-received. Not only did she want to carry my coloring book in her shop, but she also wanted MY wholesale cost. And….and she wanted exclusive rights to sell my coloring book in our county. Because I’m not a mean or vindictive person, I politely asked her if she remembered who I was and the scenario behind us not initially doing business together. Again, I politely reminded her that my ethnicity hadn’t changed. She did apologize and stated that she and her then business partner are no longer in business together. I told her that I would consider giving her MY wholesale cost plus an additional small percentage, but I wasn’t willing to allow her to be the only local business to carry my adult coloring book. It wasn’t meant to be (back then, or now) because we couldn’t agree on a few other details. I did wish her well. Definitely no hard feelings on my part because I want us ALL to succeed.

It felt good to stand firm in what I believed in. That’s something that I wasn’t used to doing. I go into great detail about that in chapter 31 (I believe) of my autobiography.

My Love For Animals

Because I was forced to turn to local food pantries after my prenuptial divorce, I got to know some cool and awesome people! Not everyone at food pantries (especially myself) want a handOUT. Some people actually want a handUP. Yes, there is a huge difference in wanting a handOUT versus a handUP. Having spoken to several patrons who attended local food pantries, I discovered that many of them, like myself, were animal lovers. And, many of them needed Veterinarian care for their furry family members but they lacked the financial resources to do so. I literally heard one heartbreaking story after another. Had I still been married, I would have (most likely) never known just how great the need was for animal care assistance.

I asked God what could do I to help people in these difficult and trying times. God told me to start Nette And Cat LLC. My nickname is Nette and I have a (spoiled) cat. Then, God directed my path to Emancipet. They provide low cost Veterinarian care in a few states. There weren’t any offices in the state that I’m in, but with your help, we can ALL do our part to help this non-profit branch out to even more states! 100% of the profits (after the cost of goods, shipping, credit card processing fees) from Nette And Cat is given to Emancipet.

Looking at the overall picture, I don’t think that my divorce was in vain. God is enlarging my territory and allowing me to help so many people.

Family Talent

I have an older sibling who is extremely talented and creative! Some may argue that I’m biased, but I have never, ever met a person who is as creative with yarn as she is. She takes knitting and crochet needles and creates stunning pieces. Looking at some of her creations makes me scratch my head trying to figure out just how she made it!

While she does the handmade creative work (on the front end), I do the back end end stuff. Putting the hooks on the earrings, putting the labels on the earring cards, printing business cards and photography.

See, I told you that she was creative, but you didn’t believe me, did you?

She also made this beautiful, unique floppy hat and lightweight earrings that I’m wearing! When you make your purchase, be sure and tell her that her little and proud sister sent you. 🙂

Giving God ALL The Praise

It is by the Grace of God that I’m STILL here. And, it is by the Grace of God that I’m STILL in my right frame of mind! Even though I know that I didn’t, it feels like I have been to hell….and back. I have lived a life of chaos, turmoil, abuse and setbacks. My autobiography talks about a lot (but not all) of it. While I was married and had an abundant lifestyle, God had been reaching out for my hand (I could feel it) for years, but I looked the other way. I had EVERYTHING that I could ever dream of – the latest expensive gadgets, foreign cars, ZERO financial worries, the best medical (and dental) insurance, etc, etc. Long story short, I felt like I no longer needed God because life was good. My autobiography shows a picture of my car (a rocket fast 2 seater BMW) that got a lot of attention!.

After my divorce was finalized, I could still feel God reaching out to me. However, and once again, I looked the other way. Most days I didn’t know if I was coming or going and I had to force myself to get out of bed. Even though I could feel God’s presence around me, I was angry at him for letting me sink to the bottom and not rescuing me! My first podcast episode talks about this.

On July 4th, 2023 (and in the midst of my mental and financial struggles), all of the firecrackers going off all around me had worked my absolute LAST nerve. At the time, I couldn’t understand exactly why I was so perturbed because I had heard firecrackers for OVER half a century. Finally realizing that my life (and thought process) were both spiraling out-of-control, I cried out to God for help. After a heartfelt talk with God, he showed me the error of my ways and why my life was in such disarray.

Also, on the same night, God told me that he wanted me to put Bibles in prisons. I’m grateful that God gave me the vision of this company. 100% of the profits (minus the cost of goods, shipping and credit card processing fees) will be used to purchase Bibles.

With your help, we can ALL help to bring the recidivism rate down!

SN: As you go to the website, please notice the “A” in Always.

Nowadays, I PROUDLY yell “Shut up, devil!!”

It’s Podcast Time

Believe it or not, I now have a Podcast! Judging by the numerous things that you see that I’m involved in (and this is not all), I’m also finding the time to host my very own Podcast. Was it a learning curve? It most certainly was! Did I doubt my “recording” abilities? Yep, I sure did. God Almighty told me that I had everything that I needed and that He would bring me my audience and at the right time. He didn’t give me the vision and knowledge only to have me doubt him.

I’m currently in talks with a few special guests, so you’ll want to subscribe to the Podcast and not miss any episodes! Thank you, God, for allowing me to do what I do. I’m forever grateful.

Thank You

Thank you so much for your interest in Cheryl H. Gore! It’s unfortunate that there are local people (yes, people talk) who feel as though I’m lazy and that I don’t do anything with my life. With a kind and loving heart, I will continue to pray for you. A gentle reminder: My name and the word lazy don’t belong in the same sentence. 🙂 Please know that in addition to some of what you see here, I work full-time for God. Doing things that are pleasing to Him is what I strive for…..and I wouldn’t have it any other way.


Depending on when you’ll be reading this, I will soon embark on a freedom/ travel journey. No, it’s not a Missionary (although I’m certainly not opposed to it!) type of journey. But, rather a “new self-discovery and spreading the goodness of God” type of journey. Because I want to remain as healthy as possible, I have created an Amazon Wishlist. Not everything is health/ nutrition related, but rather, things that I would like to have. The name of the Wishlist is called: Gods Grace List. If you feel inclined to do so, I would be very much appreciative if you would consider purchasing something from my Wishlist. Amazon has my address on file and they will make sure that it is shipped directly to me. When something is purchased from my Wishlist, Amazon will remove it from being shown. Also, I will keep Amazon abreast as to the closet “pick-up” locker to me. So, if I’m not close to my mailing address, I will most likely be close to an Amazon locker and I will be able to personally retrieve any packages from a local Amazon locker. Thank you so much and may God continue to Bless you.

Always remember that God loves you and so do I.